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Scuba Diving Excursions

Scuba dive in Palawan, one of the most beautiful islands in the world

With crystal clear water, gorgeous coral, and a constant parade of exotic sea life, Palawan is a must-see for anybody with a passion for diving.

Surrounded by protected waters and top-notch dive spots, Taytay is heaven for beach lovers, where the only thing better than its flawless sandy beaches by the turquoise water, is its thriving underwater ecosystem perfect for exploration. Be amazed to find many unspoiled beaches and places to dive.

Marvel at the colorful underwater in Lopez Reef, and visit the Isla Blanca, an island that features an expansive white sandbar and a vast coral garden. Sail past towering cliffs over sparkling waters and head off to a dream diving spot. With diverse marine life, some of the best diving spots and incredible natural beauty, this is a tropical destination that will capture the heart of divers. You will never want to get out of the water here teeming with unique fish species, flourishing coral reefs everywhere, amazing dive conditions, and unforgettable picture-perfect underwater views. The long sparsely populated islet is a fantasyland of rugged fishing villages, remote white sand beaches and jagged limestone lagoons that are sure to mesmerize from any vantage point.

While scuba diving in Palawan, there are plenty of beautiful surprises waiting to be discovered under the sea. You will have the opportunity to see both macro life and large pelagic fish, such as blue spotted stingray, parrot fish, sea horse, moray eels, cuttlefish, squid, schools of yellow snapper and many more. You may also encounter one of the five species of sea turtles, sea cows (dugongs), whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins.

Nestled in a picture-perfect bay of limestone karst outcroppings jutting from the sea, Taytay is perfect for first-time as well as experienced divers. With its rich marine biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and quiet sea conditions, underwater scenes include 50-meter wall dives; gentle sloping sandy bottoms and everything in between. For those learning to dive, the reefs and shallow waters are protected from currents and waves, and experienced divers will love the incredible array of macro life. From shallow coral gardens for first-timers, up to more technical sprees exploring WWII wreck sites and deep technical dives; there’s a whole other kind of paradise in the depths of our oceans that is waiting to be explored.

For a pleasant island-hopping style vacation, with lots of beaches and diving thrown in, The Dream Resort Wellness & Spa is your perfect holiday destination.


⚠️ In order to ensure our guests have the best experience, our scuba diving excursions need to be booked two days prior to the day.

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